How Google Ranks Websites

How Google Ranks Websites

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Google ranks websites based on the competition and the accuracy of the SEO that is done to the website along with the popularity of the business. For instance Coca Cola doesn’t need organic SEO like most business’s due to the fact of their enormous popularity! 

Lawyers, plastic surgeons, real estate companies and agents, contractors, car dealerships, and doctors and dentists are some of the toughest niches out there because of the competition and the amount of money these business’s are spending on SEO. The good news is that Google doesn’t discriminate by the size of the SEO agency or the money they’re charging. They simply rank the websites based on proper SEO and if they are following Googles strict guidelines and algorithm! 

That’s why although we are in Bakersfield CA we rank 1st page on Google for New York SEO agency, and Paris SEObecause we have a skill set developed over years of studying Googles algorithms, adhering to their guidelines and ranking every niche imaginable! Why not put our expertise to work for your brand? We offer contract free SEO plans because we are confident you will stay with us as you see your business and targeted keywords moving up in our monthly reports we send to our clients.



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