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When choosing an SEO company keep this in mind, how do they rank in their own field? ACME web design ranks high in search queries going up against much larger agencies in very competitive markets. We have developed our SEO skills by optimizing clients across the USA in a variety of fields. We love doing SEO. If we are at the top in our field, imagine what we can do in yours!

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We offer SEO services in Bakersfield, SEO specialist Bakersfield.

SEO companies cannot ethically promise 1st page Google rankings, we can however show you our results making your decision to use our services a no-brainer. Guarantees can’t be made because SEO depends not only on what we do but also depends on what your competitors are doing and if they are applying SEO properly. At the moment we are finding that most fields are not properly optimized (this will not always be the case) so we are getting most of our clients 1st page rankings. The advantage to starting  SEO now is once you get to the 1st page in Google results for your query your ranking will only get stronger over time as Google gives more authority to web sites that have been online longer.

 For Pro Nails Salon ( ) they are now 1st page on Google for Bakersfield Nail Salon, it took 6 months to get to the 2nd page and 8 months to the 1st page. They are 1st page  on Google in these search queries >  Nail Salon White lane (Gosford) (Bakersfield) White lane Nail Salon, Southwest Bakersfield Nail Salon

They are also 1st page on Google for Nail Salon Bakersfield. Notice the Acme link at the bottom of their page to confirm we are the developer.

 Boardwalk Construction Group is 1st page on Google for Handy Man Bakersfield  (service)  1st & 2nd page on Google, Bakersfield Handy Man  (service) Google the search queries yourself or click the link to verify.

It’s very difficult getting business’s high google rankings, that being said we have shot these two clients to the 1st and 2nd pages of Google in extremely competitive fields in 6-8 months. This is why we don’t do contracts, our clients stay with us based on our results.

We started work on Pro Nails Salon and Boardwalk Construction Group in July of 2015 and both had never been on line. 


Pro Nails is now on the 1st page of Google for Bakersfield Nail Salon, Bakersfield Nail Salons,  Nail Salon in Bakersfield, Nail Salon in Bakersfield CABakersfield CA Nail Salon and Nail Salon Bakersfield CA


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